Get a Star Named After You!

Imagine looking up at the sky at night and seeing a part of space named after you. We’re offering a chance for primary pupils to do just that and name their very own star. As well as their own personally named star each key stage winner will also win one for their school – a chance for everyone to share in the excitement!

There will be prizes for a Key Stage 1 pupil and for a Key Stage 2 pupil and both of their schools. 

What you have to do 

Read the following information for your chance to win: 

Our Empiribox astronaut has been sent up to space by the World Space Agency to explore a newly found planet. Her mission is to make a note of everything she sees and to take some samples back to Earth for further investigation.   

Shortly after making the last entry our astronaut saw something unbelievable, an alien creature that called this planet its home.   

Below we have an excerpt from her log book, itemising what she found during the first few days. Read it carefully to help you imagine what this planet’s natural inhabitant actually looked like. Think carefully about the information in the log book to give you some ideas as to how it might have naturally adapted to cope with its environment. 

Can you draw a poster of the alien and what you think it looked like? Remember to consider its colouring, its size, its teeth and any other feature you want to add in. As an information poster try also to include information about some of these features, why it has them and what they do!  

You can put this information in boxes around your alien or add it next to any labels you want to include. 




All entries must be submitted by Saturday, November 3rd 2018

Each entry poster*

  1. Must be completed on the template, which you can download from the link below

  2. Must clearly state the name of the pupil, age and key stage

  3. Must also include the name and postcode of their school

*Schools can send multiple entries in one envelope but each poster must clearly display all of the above


How to submit your poster

By post:

FAO Sam Saul
Empiribox Ltd
R71, 17a
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
OX11 0QX

By email as an attachment:


Please fill in the below form so we know who to contact if a pupil at you school wins. Make sure you download your poster template below!