CaSE Anniversary

“One of the most cost effective things government could do”

On the 14th of November 2016, CaSE celebrated its 30th anniversary by hosting an event on science and engineering over the next 30 years, hosted by the University of London, Senate House.

This clip is from the second session, featuring an ‘in-conversation’ discussion between:
Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE, Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Surrey (Chair)
Professor Brian Cox OBE, Advanced Fellow of Particle Physics, University of Manchester
Jo Johnson MP, Universities, Science, Research and Innovation Minister.

A question about funding for primary schools was asked by Empiribox Director, Ivor Tucker. Professor Cox gave an extended answer saying how important primary science is and stating quite clearly that investment in this area is one of the most cost effective investments government could make.

About the author

Authors name is David Saul

David is Managing Director at Empiribox. After taking degrees in Mathematics, he has had a long and successful business career. "Empiribox is a must. The UK economy will wither on the vine if we don't start generating more STEM 'enabled' young people."