A high-quality science education provides the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.” (National Curriculum standards 2013)

The core focus of the 2013 National Curriculum for science is an understanding of the scientific method and applying scientific principles to everyday life, rather than just acquiring facts. For the full National Curriculum criteria, please click here.

discover-empiribox-heroOver 97% of primary school teachers have no science qualifications beyond GCSE and are generally uncomfortable teaching this difficult subject.

With our experiments, we not only reach the National Curriculum standards, but expand and enrich it significantly. Through practical experimentation, children gain the understanding of a wide range of complex topics in science and help them explore how to apply the results to everyday life. We encourage teachers to use the proper terminology and vocabulary so that children get used to hearing and using these words correctly.

The National Curriculum requires records showing assessment and progress of pupils work.

We provide training on how to achieve this during the termly training sessions, as well as the documentation you will need. All lesson plans, teachers training, health and safety guides and equipment needed for every experiment are included with the system.