TEACHERS Elephants toothpaste demo (training) LREmpiribox offers an extensive range of resources to help teachers deliver wow! science lessons.

Each term, teachers will get training and ongoing support from our team of experienced trainers, all of whom are teachers themselves. Comprehensive Schemes of Work, lesson plans, assessment guides and health and safety documentation are provided for each unit – everything is organised and all in one place.

Sample downloads are available at the bottom of this page. 

At the termly training, our trainers go through all experiments and encourage as many questions as possible on any aspect of the system. Teachers have to consider the health and safety of lessons as well as assessing pupils’ progress throughout the year. We provide all the tools needed for both of these and explain how to implement them for a class.

Our training day is structured like an Empiribox lesson in a classroom would be. The teachers do all the experiments that the students will do so that they can get first-hand experience of what they’re like. The trainers will explain the science behind each experiment in detail.

We want teachers to be comfortable using the equipment for experiments and confident teaching fun and exciting science lessons. All of our training sessions are fully CPD accredited.

Once the training has been provided and the equipment delivered, there will inevitably be questions and details needing answers throughout the term.

TEACHER Teacher holding parachute

  1. We train as many teachers in the school as required, so colleagues can expand on their own experience by discussing it with others
  2. Over time, we will build a community of teachers who will be able to share ideas and exchange information on what works best
  3. We provide an online library of both documents and videos available at any time. This includes:
  4. Videos of experiments being done by our staff
  5. Detailed lesson plans with recaps of the training sessions
  6. Assessment, CPD documentation and health and safety guides
  7. Peace of mind with equipment and storage – any missing or broken equipment will be replaced as soon as possible

The Empiribox team is also available to answer any emails or calls about the system or any other queries you may have with teaching the experiments.