Please find below examples of the learning resources we provide.

Key Stage 1 System
 – Sample Download

Key Stage 2 Curriculum Map – Sample Download

Sound Mastery Statements – Sample Download

Year 4 Lesson Plan – Sample Download

Year 6 Lesson Plan – Sample Download


Below is a list of further resources included with an Empiribox subscription.

  • Lesson Plans
  • Preliminary Lessons
  • Risk Assessment
  • Investigation Videos
  • Lesson Support Materials
  • CPD Sessions
  • Assessment Tests and Marksheets to support pre- and post-test measurements of progression
  • Cross-Curricular ideas
  • Equipment for each lesson for the entire school


Forces, Simple Machines, Magnetism & SpaceParticle TheoryPlants & PhotosynthesisChanging Materials
Energy & SoundChemical ChangeHuman Health & FitnessHabitats
ElectricityGeology, Mixtures & SeparationEnvironment, Ecology & EvolutionMixtures and Potions
LightAcids & AlkalisSensesOur Living Earth
Plants and Trees