Shine on Science
How Empiribox can help your school celebrate science

Science is an exciting subject and really engages pupils. We would like to help schools using the Empiribox solution to reach out to their community as well as parents and make their science shine.

We have developed the Shine on Science pack for schools to use to help them make what they are doing in science more widely known.

The pack includes a variety of materials that will help teachers share the investigations pupils enjoy most in lessons and what they have learnt. If parents also want to get involved, we have included some ideas and materials to help schools foster that enthusiasm. We have created different documents to support this and make is easy for schools to share ideas. These include top tips on how to keep children excited about science outside of the classroom, ideas for science investigations using simple, everyday materials found at home, content for school’s newsletters and much, much more.

Sharing science online or in the local community helps to promote your school as a place that is forward thinking and engaged in a wider curriculum to help children explore the world around them and improve their life chances. It allows parents, governors, the community, and even other local schools to get involved with science and encourages interest in what Empiribox Schools are doing to achieve such outstanding results.

When Ofsted visit a school that subscribes to our solution, we want them to immediately recognise this and know that Empiribox schools have a higher percentage of above average children. This isn’t a secret – it’s Empiribox!

But above all, here at Empiribox, we LOVE science and just want to everyone to share our passion and commitment to nurturing future scientists.

If you are a subscribing school and would like to access the Shine on Science pack, please login in to our Teacher Login area using your username and password and download the materials from ‘Shine on Science’.

For more information on what we offer and how your school can join the excitement of science and learn with Empiribox, please contact us today.