9TH – 16TH MARCH 2018

This years theme for Science Week in the UK is Exploration and Discovery. Here at Empiribox, we have been experimenting with some simple experiments, games to play and uncovering some accidental discoveries to help you throughout the week to keep children inspired.

When was that invented?
Can you and your class guess when these were invented or discovered?












Download the page HERE and if your stuck for answers, download our ANSWER SHEET too!

How are these discoveries and inventions used in everyday life?
Can you match 2 ways how each of these discoveries or inventions are used in everyday life?

Download Page HERE

Simple experiments you can do at home or in your classroom
Stuck for ideas? Why not set up these simple experiments to do in the classroom.












Download some simple investigations below.

Water Bending

Rocket Poppers

Ivory Soap

Accidental Discoveries
Can you believe that these everyday things were discovered by accident? Hover over the discovery to find out how it was made.

Safety Glass | Super Glue | Velcro | Gunpowder


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