What problem?

Key Stage 2 Science is not inspiring.

Children are not learning what they need to, let alone having any interest in science and teachers find it difficult to create exciting lessons. Here at Empiribox, we understand the reasons why:

  • Schools have limited fundingPR Photo: Photos ©Joel Chant / UNP 0845 600 7737 Empiribox Primary Science Frank Green, the Schools commissioner, joins pupils at Ark Globe Primary Academy, London for some hands on practical science lesson, held by teacher Jen Iwantschak, using the new Empiribox teaching and learning system. Press release Eureka! Ark Globe Primary Academy students excel as they exhibit experiments for Schools Commissioner London – 22 June 2015: Pupils at an ‘Outstanding’ local primary school have been demonstrating their flair for science during a visit by the Government’s Schools Commissioner. Pupils at Ark Globe Academy Primary Academy, which is rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, performed scientific experiments for Schools Commissioner Frank Green. The school has been using the investigative, hands on Science resource ‘Empiribox’ to encourage children to really engage with Science from a young age and it’s working. Jen Iwantschak, Year 6 Teacher at Ark Globe Academy said: ‘It’s fascinating to go out to the playground and listen to a Year 3 child talk to a Year 6 child about the experiment they just did. It’s evident how excited the children are. It has created a culture where the children are eager to investigate the world around them through scientific eyes.’ Tollah, Year 6 said: ‘Every time we do Science I get excited as we are learning new things even though we are having fun. I’ve learnt things I wouldn’t expect to learn in primary science. It has given me a booster for secondary school.’ Moussa, year 6 said; ‘The way we learn Science is really different. I’ve enjoyed using the chemicals and equipment. It is out of this world.’ During his visit to the school, Schools Commissioner Frank Green said: “As a former science teacher I am always thrilled to see innovative and interactive approaches taken to teaching science to primary school children. It is vital that children are introduced to core scientific concepts from an e
  • There are only a few practical lessons you can do
  • The kids aren’t interested – it’s boring
  • Without training, support and equipment, science is difficult to teach well
  • Less than 3% of primary teachers have a science background
  • CPD doesn’t offer the right skills for fun science lessons

We have the solution!

Science is fun! It isn’t difficult and with Empiribox teachers don’t have to be science graduates to teach “wow” science lessons! Empiribox allows children to do hands-on experiments every week of the year. That’s right, every lesson. We want to inspire children, we want them to have the knowledge and grounding they need to accomplish whatever they want in the future!

We have over 280 experiments that not only cover the National Curriculum, but expand it significantly for Key Stage 2 in physics, chemistry and biology.

But it’s more than just science experiments.

Every single term schools will get teacher training, ALL the equipment for safe, hands-on experiments and ongoing support from our team of experienced trainers. We want teachers to be confident delivering exciting science lessons that captivate children.

Our experiments have been carefully designed to inspire children and make them think. We need more scientist, more innovators and free thinkers. Our system gives every child the head start they need for basic science knowledge and helps schools achieve outstanding science results.