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Please rate the following aspects of the training session on the following basis
1 = Strongly agree 2 = Agree 3 = Disagree 4 = Strongly Disagree

The trainer covered the Health & Safety aspects of the unit including Risk Assessments, Chemicals Handling and Storage, Spills and Disposal Procedures.
The trainer sufficiently explained the theory of each practical activity.
Your confidence to teach science has improved as a result of the session.
The training was pitched at an appropriate pace.
You feel the activities in the unit will improve pupil progress regarding both the theory and science skills.
The activities in the unit will engage pupils.
Examples of Differentiation were given and discussed in the session.
The trainer went through the website highlighting newly added features.
You were afforded plenty of opportunities to ask questions and the answers given by the trainer were clear and easily understood.
How can we improve Empiribox so science is easier and more effective?
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