Girl with balloon carThe KS1 system works just the same as our KS2 system. All equipment and resources are supplied at the beginning of each term to guarantee outstanding lessons, plus all training and support for teachers.

Our experiments are designed to feel like playtime for KS1 pupils, as this is the most effective way for them to learn the basic science they need at such a young age. They will do exciting, hands-on practical activities every week and will get to see things that will make them fall in love with the world around them. Like our KS2 scheme, children will keep anything that they make enabling them to continue learning at home.

The two-year scheme consists of six units, with each topic directly linked to the National Curriculum. Pupils will learn physics, chemistry and biology so that they can seamlessly transition to KS2 science.

KS1 teachers will be amazed at the level of engagement pupils show, and the progress in their communication, observational and thinking skills.