Children today need to be prepared for the changes tomorrow

The innate curiosity and willingness to experiment makes primary school pupils natural scientists. The challenge is often how best to channel that enthusiasm and curiosity into structured learning about science, and how to support primary teachers whose own background might involve little formal science training.

Professor Martin Hendry MBE, Head of Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow

I used to hate science because it was just sitting there with the teacher talking to you, but now I can’t wait to do science and have started doing experiments at home. I’m trying to do better at my Maths and English as I want to be a scientist when I’m older.

Pupil, aged 10

Empiribox inspires children, it ignites in them a lifelong passion


One boy in particular goes around telling everyone he wants to be a scientist, thanks to all the demonstrations and experiments he gets to do.

Kate Donaghy, Teacher

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn

Ignacio Estrada

Empiribox get the teachers into the classroom and give them the confidence that they can then show the children the “magic” tricks which makes the children really want to get into the magic themselves and learn it.

Robyn Comfort, Teacher

I used to HATE science. Now I love it. I think Empiribox is really good because it has made everyone in my class that didn’t like science LOVE it.

Pupil, aged 10

We used all kinds of equipment I’d never seen before and did lots of different stuff with it. I had such a good time. This is what I want to do when I grow up. Girls can be scientists too; I didn’t know that before!

Pupil, aged 9

Allowing young scientists to plan an investigation irrespective of limitations on equipment has been a revelation

Lisa Rowlands, Teacher

Empiribox builds confidence in science teaching, whilst inspiring children and amazing OFSTED

All the resources for each lesson are in one place, so you didn’t have to root around; it saves so much time. Everything, all done, all in one place – very very easy!

Liz Chipperfield, Teacher

Delivering experiments is really easy because everything is so well organised. It is quite literally going to the trolley, taking off the tray for the relevant lesson and bringing it to the classroom. Everything is there that you need – you don’t even have to scratch around for Sellotape or Blu-Tack! It’s tremendously well thought-out and well-resourced.

Tom Houlton, Teacher

It would be no exaggeration to say that the teaching of science has been transformed.

Richard Thomas, Head Teacher

The advantage of the Empiribox system is that it provides me as the class teacher with the skills and equipment that I need to set up high level experiments, quickly and easily for the children to enjoy doing, which is very important.

Linda Heath, Teacher

You had the lesson plan which took them through everything, plus the training, which answered all their questions, so that when they were delivering their lessons, they were confident in what they were doing

Jan Tanner, Head Teacher

It allowed them to hit the ground running when they transferred from primary to secondary.

Eleanor White, Teacher

OFSTED were really excited – they hadn’t seen pupils’ with so much knowledge

OFSTED inspectors were amazed by the pupils’ experimental and investigative skills

Don't just take our word for it!

Our system makes teaching science easy. It gives teachers everything they need to do amazing, hands-on science.

Where we had higher level science experiments, we were then able to match that with higher level writing which could then be used to make judgments in other subjects.

Robbie Houghton, Deputy Head Teacher

Excellent training made me feel a lot more comfortable with teaching and demonstrating the experiments.

Because the kids are constantly busy working in pairs, behavioural issues don’t arise and it is hard to believe the progress they’ve made. The lessons have been so much fun! As we’ve have gone through the scheme, pupils confidence and independence have grown massively.

Jenny Jones, Teacher

All the resources, training and equipment... You don't need anything else.

I would recommend all these really lovely, effective, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing experiments that we saw today. It was amazing.