The new National Curriculum needs assessment of pupil progress done by teachers on the fundamental science concepts and science methodology. At each terms training session, complete explanations of assessing with Empiribox is given. Our team comprises of qualified and experienced teachers who all have an in depth knowledge of assessing pupil progress in primary school. Using their experience, we provide assessment materials to measure, monitor, assess and record progress.


To track progress, pupils are tested before the start of the unit and again at the end. Tests should have knowledge and practical elements to them to ensure coverage of the assessment criteria. Doing these will show teachers, pupils, parents and HMI that pupils are making solid progress in their understanding of science and the ability to solve problems.

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The training sessions offer guidance on assessing with Empiribox and advice with how to conduct the tests. Pupil assessment sheets are available and during the termly training sessions full explanations of assessing with Empiribox is given.