Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan BSc PGCE QTS – Founder of Empiribox

Dan’s inspiration for Empiribox comes from his experience as Head of Science in tough, inner London schools.

“It was so difficult to get pupils to take an A Level in science, yet I knew these kids would make brilliant scientists.  Why were they so disinterested in science, yet many would tackle Maths A Level – no easier than science, and certainly less fun!

“I concluded the solution was to enthuse children at an early stage by getting them to do hands-on experiments, week in week out.  Many worthy reports have also been written for government saying the same thing.

“So I started working with the Primary feeder schools and learned that most (97%) of the teachers were non-specialists and often lacked confidence teaching science and time to prepare, the curriculum books gave lesson plans, but no training or equipment, the schools had no idea what equipment to buy and nowhere to manage and store it.  The result was far too often book learning, with none of the magic of science.

“The result is Empiribox.  My ambition is to provide primary schools with a complete solution to the problem of how to teach wow! science, create independent thinking pupils and nurture MORE scientists!  As a bi-product, the effect on Literacy and Numeracy, let alone enthusiasm and behaviour, is also quite stunning .

“Please look around our website and you will see how Empiribox delivers on my vision.  I hope you will share my ambition of creating more people of all ages who are scientifically literate.”

Our  Senior Team

Jan Tanner

Dr Jan Tanner BSc PGCE MSc PhD – Head of Primary Science Support

Jan has 30 years of teaching experience at primary school , including 10 years serving as a head teacher. Having seen the massive impact that Empiribox makes at first hand, he decided to join the team to help other heads understand how they can use it to raise the enthusiasm and levels of attainment with pupils of all abilities.


Jenny Smitherman BA, QTS – School Support

Jenny is a primary school teacher, specialising in KS1 and Early Years.  Heading up our primary support operations, she brings a wealth of experience (having taught science using Empiribox for 2 years) and enthusiasm to our support operations.



Mark Inder

Mark Inder BSc PGCE QTS – Science Teacher Trainer and Northern Manager

Mark is a qualified chemist with extensive business experience before “seeing the light” and becoming a teacher! He is responsible for training the teachers at Empiribox-subscribing schools how to deliver engaging science lessons, using all the tools we are making available to them.


Chris Fourie B.Ed (Physics & Maths) – Teacher Training Manager

Chris has taught all three sciences (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) for 9 years at the secondary level, specialising in A level Physics.  He made it a his personal mission to ensure that every student in his class had an opportunity to explore the wonders of science but also to feel that they were supported in all aspects.  Chris carries this mission into our Teacher Training sessions!

Ivor Tucker

Ivor Tucker BCom – Commercial & Business Development Director

Ivor is an experienced businessman with over 30 years of founding and building exciting entrepreneurial ventures. He believes that Empiribox will revolutionise the way science is taught globally, with immense positive social impact for science and educational achievement in general.


James Kilroy – Head of Operations
James is a very experienced logistics professional with huge experience in supply chain, logistics, operations and warehousing management.  Previous roles include working in both large and small companies including Amazon and Aramex, where he was General Manager for the UK.


David SaulDavid Saul BSc (Mathematics) – Managing Director

David is experienced at early stage companies helping them grow to fulfil their potential.  David has experience as a international public company board director and also forming and developing his own businesses.


Richard McGrath – Non-executive Chairman

Richard developed and led many organizations that have been transformed into growth vehicles and investment opportunities.  Recently, he was president of Espresso Group, Ltd, a VC backed UK digital curriculum provider, where he led the business to become the UK market leading service provider in its sector.  Under his leadership, the business received BETT, BAFTA, and Royal Television Society Awards, and numerous industry awards in the UK and USA focusing on product quality and customer success.  Espresso also featured for three years on the Tech Track 100, ranked as one of Britain’s fastest-growing private technology companies.