Pupils using electricity in chemical reactions

Doing hands-on science creates an understanding of science in everyday life, inaccessible through rote fact learning or reading from a textbook.

The only way for children to learn the fundamental science concepts is with fun and exciting practical experiments.

Inspiring children with the magic of science at primary school helps to promote science in the future by increasing the number of science graduates.The Empiribox approach to science at KS1 and KS2 is to allow children to do hands-on, exciting science experiments every single lesson for every year they are in the primary phase.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology have each been broken down into 4, easy to manage units, with one being taught for an entire term throughout KS2. KS1 science is again broken down to cover the 2 years, but has more consumables and a focus on play.

At the beginning of each term, all equipment for children to work in pairs is delivered to your school in one box. All the equipment you need to do engaging science with pupils, is organised and in one place ready to use.

All of our experiments have been designed with children in mind. They are safe, fun and incredibly informative, maximizing the learning potential in all children. Anything a child makes can be taken home and many experiments are easy to recreate with parents, therefore encouraging continued learning. Many pupils using the Empiribox system are achieving outstanding results and are inspired to continue science at further education.