Empiribox is cost effective and stress free right from the very first day.

Without doubt, primary school funding is less flexible than we all would like. Our service is currently offered for under £40 per pupil per year, which represents extraordinary value for money as it includes ALL the cost for:FLUIDS IN PLANTS

  • Teacher training 3 times a year and support
  • Downloads of the Scheme of Work, lesson plans, CPD documents, risk assessments, pupil assessment and mark sheets, demonstration videos, kit lists and the training PowerPoint
  • ALL the equipment for experiments every week, changed 3 times a year
  • OUTSTANDING results!

The only additional cost your school will incur will be for the purchase of some perishables, such as eggs and lemons. Everything else is included – even blu-tak and string!

A comparison:

Without Empiribox, schools typically get their science curriculum from publishers. They have extensive texts and plans, showing the objectives of a lesson, with a list of resources needed for that lesson.

One well known resource costs around £800 for books and about £6,000 per year for equipment. Training for teachers with no science background and support is not included.

Schools will then have to maintain, store and keep up to date with all equipment as well as replacing consumable items and things that get broken or lost. As a result, the stress of doing practical science at primary level overtakes the excitement of doing an experiment.

Is it any wonder that primary teachers shy away from practical science lessons?

Empiribox offers schools a far more effective financial option, covering a wider spectrum of content –  as well as removing the stress from preparing science lessons and experiments.